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Ice Form Project

Ice Form Project

Current project involves the process of freezing. To enable the filling of balloons used in this process the high pressured cold water domestic tap is used. As an environmental artist I should be using recycled water and not water taken directly from a tap. How can I insert 'recycled' water into balloon using a pressurized system?
Fluorescent Mobile

Fluorescent mobile

An idea for a kinetic sculpture (mobile) that will ultimately be built with fluorescent lighting
Azlee Babar

Azlee Babar

Azlee Babar is a sound artist from Manchester. Recent work involves: pseudo-autonomous generative audio systems; exploitation of psychoacoustic phenomena; indeterminacy and error.
Memory Of Form

Memory of Form

I will share contemporary origami techniques which free origami from traditional patterns and facilitate new uses which can be transferred to other materials. Using cyanotype-coated paper I will demonstrate how a photographic process can be used to capture experience, and reflect memory of form. New forms and their ‘memories’ will be created.
AXIOMATIC – Two States Of A Kaleidoscope

AXIOMATIC – Two States of a Kaleidoscope

Much of my work relies on synergies and dialogues within the sonic landscape, that of impermanence, transience, and location and materiality as a methodology and process. By doing so a dialog is created which allows the materials to have their own voice. I work with field recordings to create acousmatic and electroacoutsic compositions. Projections, combined with mixed media / paintings, and artificial/ natural light are manipulated to create visual phenomenon analogous to my installation work.
In Transition (Quantum Mechanics And Gravity Kinetic Sculpture)

In Transition (Quantum Mechanics and Gravity kinetic sculpture)

An oscillating floating installation with projections, that represents the energy of atoms and gravitational waves, made after research carried out at the University of Leeds. This science-art collaboration allows the viewer to experience some of the physical phenomena: energy quantisation, state superposition, laws of gravity and wave-particle duality.
Fluid Sculptures

Fluid Sculptures

I aim to develop my Fluid Sculptures project, using the concept of fluid dynamics - I will make kinetic sculptures using tanks/tubes, to build sculptures with different types of liquids flowing through them at different speeds. I will control the flow rate, through a series of specialist pumps.
Sculpting With Light: Medieval And Modern Cosmology

Sculpting with Light: Medieval and Modern Cosmology

Sculpting with Light: Medieval and Modern Cosmology confronts human attempts to grasp and master the structure and meaning of the universe. SWL investigates medieval cosmology from Aristotle to Dante, via Islamic astronomy, the EAGLE project at the cutting edge of modern galaxy modelling and soft matter physics and material-flow.
EEG Vortex

EEG Vortex

Artist Dave Lynch & Neuroscientist Dr. Christophe de Bezenac will create a spinning vortex which audiences will be able to control in real-time using the power of their mind. Can we create a reflexive space where more the more relaxed you are the calmer the vortex?
FFOSIL (Fractal Forms Of Scalable ILuminosity)

FFOSIL (Fractal Forms Of Scalable ILuminosity)

An internally illuminated light structure perhaps based on the framework of stellated dodecahedron in stellated icosahedron in stellated dodecahedron (and so on). I'm interested to see how inherently modular it can be and what links might be found to geological and molecular forms. I intend to use acrylics, resins and LED light sources, perhaps with a bit of Welsh slate, anodised aluminium channel, Carrara marble and milliput thrown into the mix.
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