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Artist practising as an Environmental Artist Maker strongly influenced by a childhood experience of growing up in the countryside. Previous experience of many years working in the flower and horticultural trade. Now in the final year of part-time MA in Creative Practice at Leeds College of Art.


My current project involves the process of freezing. To enable the filling of balloons used in this process the high pressured cold water domestic tap is used. As an environmental artist, I should be using recycled water and not water is taken directly from a tap. How can I insert ‘recycled’ water into a balloon using a pressurised system?




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Carol Snowden

Are you an Artist, Scientist, Technologist/ Maker or Other?


Summarise what areas of Science/ Technology/ Art are you looking to explore?

Technical know how to present/realise my current ‘Ice Project’ in a sustainable and ethical way.

Your Team


Why do you want to take part ASMbly Lab?

As an Environmental Artist Maker my ethical remit is to only use sustainable, organic materials within my work. My practice embraces the materiality of the landscape, foraging, manipulating and re- presenting materials in aesthetically alternative ways. An alchemic approach is applied in order to physically ‘mark make’ in the broadest sense. My current project involves the process of freezing water into small ice forms (approx. 500ml). In order to make these forms I use balloons attached to a cold water tap. The pressure allows the water to enter the balloon while expanding it at the same time. These are then placed inside a freezer for various lengths of time to produce either delicate shell like forms or more solid pieces. However, my concern is that this process is not ethically sustainable and I wish to produce these forms using recycled water. My main problem is how to insert recycled water that has no ‘pressure’ behind it into a balloon??

I have other logistical issues of transporting, storing and displaying these ice forms that could also be of interest.
My hope is that I am able to collaborate with someone with the technical skills to solve these problems as well as any scientific persons who would be interested in the processes I explore in order to highlight sustainability.

Is this a new/ existing project, artwork or piece of research?

This is an ongoing project as part of my MA Creative Practice course at Leeds College of Art. It has developed from the beginning of this year and I hope to use these ice forms as part of my final show

Are you looking for collaborators?

Yes collaborating would be great. Technical and scientific skills would enhance the project and generate more sustainably led work.

Skill Sharing

I am a highly creative, resourcefull and practical person. Making and the physical aspect of process is the core aspect that drives my own practice.These process can contribute to the enhancement of a ‘workshop’ environment. I have many cutorial skills and regularly faclitate pop up and permanent art exhibitions

Where are you based?

Harrogate / Leeds


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