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  • Diego – Final year PhD student in Quantum Information at the University of Leeds, with thesis project “Detection of space-time perturbations with quantum-enhanced metrology”. Originally from Mexico, with a passion for Physics study and outreach.
  • Cat – A collaborative Scientific-Artist based in Bradford, who uses scientific research as a starting point, to form conceptual, two and three-dimensional artworks. The hybrid nature of her practice opens up new realms, that blur the boundaries between art, science and innovation.


An oscillating floating installation with projections, that represents the energy of atoms and gravitational waves, made after research carried out at the University of Leeds.

This science-art collaboration allows the viewer to experience some of the physical phenomena: energy quantisation, state superposition, laws of gravity and wave-particle duality.



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#intransition #gravitationalwaves #quantummechanics #sciart #micromacro #superposition

FB: @catscottmixedmedia

INSTAGRAM: @catscottsciart

Cat Diego

Are you an Artist, Scientist, Technologist/ Maker or Other?

Diego – Scientist/Cat – Artist

Summarise what areas of Science/ Technology/ Art are you looking to explore?

Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Foundations of Physics, Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, Oscillations, Wave-particle duality

Your Team

Diego Quiñones (Physicist, Scientist)

Cat Scott (Artist)

Why do you want to take part ASMbly Lab?

We would like to take part in ASMbly Lab to develop our collaborative project, which is in its infancy. We are aiming to create a kinetic sculpture, based on scientific research undertaken by Diego about theories of atoms, dark matter and gravitational waves at the University of Leeds.
The lab would be the perfect opportunity to develop our project and to spend a number of days in residence alongside other potential collaborators, as we may need to collaborate with makers/technologists as we start to experiment with building our kinetic sculpture.

We have also applied to get some seedcorn funding for Leeds Light Night 2017 for researchers at the University of Leeds, to collaborate with artists to create an artwork to be shown at Light Night in October 2017. The lab would again be a fantastic opportunity to develop this project, as many collaborations at ASMbly Lab already have gone on to Light Night and further afield.

Is this a new/ existing project, artwork or piece of research?

New project.

Are you looking for collaborators?

Yes, electronics and mechanical skills (maker/technologist)

Skill Sharing

Knowledge in Physical sciences, Mathematics, Fine Art, Curation

Where are you based?

Leeds/Bradford/Sowerby Bridge


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