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The Frozen Music Collective is a music and multimedia collective founded in 2014 working at the intersection of cutting edge interactive technology and performance. Our research explores what it means to be connected in a world where technology is rapidly evolving.


Artist Dave Lynch & Neuroscientist Dr. Christophe de Bezenac will create a spinning vortex which audiences will be able to control in real-time using the power of their mind. Can we create a reflexive space where more the more relaxed you are the calmer the vortex?





Are you an Artist, Scientist, Technologist/ Maker or Other?

Artist l Scientist

Summarise what areas of Science/ Technology/ Art are you looking to explore?

Creative use of EEG technology and motors

Your Team

Artist and neuroscientist

Why do you want to take part ASMbly Lab?

Core members

Is this a new/ existing project, artwork or piece of research

New application of controlling the physical items.

Are you looking for collaborators?


Skill Sharing

Pure Data, projection mapping, video design

Where are you based?


Are you looking for collaborators?

Yes, people with Arduino knowledge.


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