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I’m interested in transformation, in the hope it brings for the future. I work with performance, makeup/costume, film and sound to create experiences that are visceral and visual. I’m currently exploring human plasticity and the breaking down of binaries between human/nonhuman, and I’m based in Bristol.


I’m investigating how to use microscope cameras to work with extreme close ups of the body in performance. ASMbly will be the first step in exploring this. I would like to use the Lab to learn how to take samples from my own body and look at them under a microscope, and perhaps start to work with a microscope camera.




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Are you an Artist, Scientist, Technologist/ Maker or Other?

Artist / Performer

Summarise what areas of Science/ Technology/ Art are you looking to explore?

The use of microscope cameras to create live visuals from body samples during a performance

Your Team


Why do you want to take part ASMbly Lab?

I have begun working on a performance exploring the idea that ‘we are all made of stars’, which uses close up and internal images of the body live-projected during a performance. I have identified the potential in this area and am seeking routes to explore it in more depth, in collaboration with a scientist/histologist. I would like to learn more about the processes of preparing samples, staining, and working with microscope cameras.

Is this a new/ existing project, artwork or piece of research?

This is a development of an existing performance/research project that began in 2014.

Are you looking for collaborators?

Yes – histologist or a scientist who is trained to work with microscopes to investigate biological samples.

Skill Sharing

From this project, I can share my knowledge of the philosophical area it is inspired by – New Materialism and Posthumanism – which encourage us to break down distinctions between the human and nonhuman and develop a more sustainable politics. In my own practice I work with sound editing, live sound, video editing and makeup/costume for performance, and I am happy to share these skills with other participants.

Where are you based?



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