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Superposition #003: Pigs bladders, self-similarity and inorganic biostructures

Superposition #003:

We kick off with 3 more fantastic 10 minute talks from scientists, artists, and makers, featuring John O’Shea from Liverpool, Prof. Fiona Meldrum from University of Leeds and Vicky Ola, Leeds based artist.

Pig's Bladder Football 1 - Superposition 003

John O’Shea worked in residence at the Clinical Engineering Research Unit with Professor John Hunt at the University of Liverpool where he used 3D printing and tissue culture techniques to grow the world’s first bio-engineered football using living animal cells obtained from abattoir waste.  He gave a highly entertaining and inspiring talk about progress so far and some of the challenges associated with making ‘art’ in a high tec bioengineering lab.

Pig's Bladder Football 2 Superpostion 003


Prof. Fiona Meldrum is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Leeds. She spoke about the work her group do growing organic forms out of inorganic materials, in which “seashells, bones and teeth are used as an inspiration for the development of novel crystal growth strategies”.

Leeds artist Vicky Ola is interested in self similarity and fractal structure in nature.  She has created physical exhibits including ‘manufactured rock’ and also explored the theme through her photography.

ASMbly Lab news

We will be announcing the first details of the ASMbly-LAB (Art, Science, Make), an open lab space we are setting up for a week in September.  The idea is to give an opportunity to start or explore collaborations between YOU, the members of superposition, with the aim to create new art or other media projects with a scientific inspiration or flavour.

Participation in ASMbly will be open to all (subject to numbers), but we would like you to offer a contribution in return. We’ll tell you more on the 10th, but time is tight, so don’t miss out on the chance to start thinking about what you might want to do and bring.

‘Open Mic’ presentations

In the second half of the evening we have quickfire “open mic” slots lasting two minutes, in which you can introduce your work or raise an idea or question you’ve been thinking about.  You can use the two minute slot in any way you like, and they are an opportunity to share ideas and interests with potential collaborators for the ASMbly lab 16th-20th September.  Dominic Hopkinson and Paul Emery will talk briefly about the the work they have done together to solve a problem raised during Dominic’s talk at Superposition 001.




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