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‘If Architecture is Frozen Music, Imagine what would happen in a thaw’


Christophe DeBezenac | Dave Lynch | Richard England | Chris Sharkey | Daniel Gallagher | Suzie Cross

Architecture as Frozen Music used the realtime scanning of performers brains to melt and morph the architecture of Leeds Art Gallery. Symbiotically linked to a live improvised score fusing written and improvised elements, acoustic and electronic sounds. At it’s core. specially designed software, which allows spontaneous electrical brain activity to interact with the music and visuals in real time via an EEG headset.

The piece played with ideas of structure and chaos in imagining a world where architecture is as malleable as music – flexibly evolving to suit our changing states, moods, interests and needs.The artists used the chaotic stream of EEG information (made up of the evolving emotions, nervousness, excitement, stress and body temperature of individuals wearing the device) to perceptually alter both the building and the performed music in real-time.

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