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Infinite In All Directions


Dominic Hopkinson | Prof. Alastair Rucklidge | Dr Priya Subramanian (University of Leeds School of Maths.)

Hopkinson’s work analyses the human capacity for pattern recognition, and how this process seems to be innate within us. Hopkinson wants to better understand and describe how the underlying mathematics of natural structures and forms, when abstracted by his creative process, are still fundamentally readable and are capable of being recognised as objects that contain levels of order and beauty. What is it that drives this process of understanding and recognition in a person with no specialist training in either the arts or science?
The role of the irrational number 1.61803…( or phi, the golden ratio), and it’s links to platonic geometry, closest packing theory and aperiodic tiling in two and three dimensions are all integral to the research. Why does this particular number appear in such a wide range of problems and exert such a huge level of pattern creation and order control in the natural world?

The artist works collaboratively with a range of scientists and mathematicians in order to explore and further understand this field, and is interested in the role of the artist in a scientific collaboration. Is it possible for the artist to help produce new science and not just art?

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