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Match Trees | Carbon Tree Print


Lawrence Molloy

The Match Trees and the investigation into the mathematics of trees were Molloy’s starting point for his on-going interest with arts and science.

CarbonTreePrint involves the production of meticulously crafted bonsai trees made of thousands of match heads. Some of these fetish sculptures have been kept for display, whilst others are documented as they burn or explode. Created as a response to the rhetoric surrounding recent ecological issues such as the North American Tar Sands, these beautiful but highly explosive sculptures are intended to bring viewers to consider the impact that the destruction has on perceptions of production and value.

Each tree is unique.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 07.57.04

For the duration of the exhibition the tree will be built with the audience who will win lottery tickets to either win the tree or increase the likelihood of its destruction.

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