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Anzir Boodoo is a Leeds-based performance artist who has used puppetry for 2 years. He has worked with Jane Taylor (Handspring Puppet Company) and Cecil Green Arts, and is interested in exploring the therapeutic value of puppets in Mental Health and chronic pain, and the interactions between puppetry and robotics


Aoife is a biomechanical mermaid puppet which I am developing to explore how a mermaid would swim if they existed, with reference to human and aquatic mammal skeletons. The aim is to undertake this work experimentally and cooperatively as part of the Lab



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Are you an Artist, Scientist, Technologist/ Maker or Other?

artist & maker, sometime scientist

Summarise what areas of Science/ Technology/ Art are you looking to explore?

biomechanics, puppetry

Your Team


Why do you want to take part ASMbly Lab?

To work collaboratively on solving problems with the mechanics and operation of the puppet.

The puppet answers a question: if merfolk existed, how would they swim? This is answered by attempting to go back to skeletal mechanics, and also aims to produce a puppet which has a realistic range of movement whilst having the minimum number of control points and therefore being relatively easy to operate. As such, it is an experimental design which is intended to function both as a performable puppet and as a biomechanical investigation

Is this a new/ existing project, artwork or piece of research?

This is a developing piece of work that has been worked on intermittently over the last year

Are you looking for collaborators?

yes – woodworking/making, design, biomechanics

Skill Sharing


Where are you based?



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