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Paul Beales | Lorna Dougan | Lars Jeuken | Joanna Leng | Andrew Wilson | Paola Zanotto

Through an ongoing series of workshops we are comparing architectural and biological methods and structures. At our first workshop we found that architects and biologists often use the same or similar terms, and we are compiling an online archibio lexicon with definitions and examples of the same word from both fields.

At the second workshop we began to explore structures at different scales from bacteria and cells to buildings and cities, focusing on three words in common: scaffolding, adaptiveness and compartments.

To close the workshop, we designed buildings made with imaginary materials that have the same properties as bacteria and human cells: buildings with outer walls that are continually trying to expand, but can be held in place by simple scaffolding. These buildings could be easily adapted to new uses by reconfiguring the scaffolding, with the walls expanding to fit the new shape.

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