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After John Martin

Photon Dating – Scott D’Arcy

My time at ASMbly started with a brief talk to give an introduction to my digital artwork and attempted to draw comparisons between my practice and a ‘Superposition’.

After John Martin

 This is a physics term used to describe one thing that is in many different states at the same time.


The digital images shown are made with the intention of using our collective taste.They fall into a superposition with the philosophy that all images are ephemeral and exists in our memories as well as in more stable mediums. Meaning that one image can exist in many different states at once, within many different people.
After discussions with scientists about their work and the nature of sub-atomic particles I chose to create a short narrative and a dating profile for a photon.  The application of fiction to the often misunderstood physics is an interesting avenue to explore. The short story “Journey of a photon” and its dating profile is intended to create some sort of social discourse through the  anthropomorphism of a scientific mystery. 
Much as with the approach of an experiment I hope that these pieces of development will produce some interesting results that prompt speculation between the areas of art and science.

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