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UnitCell Hang

UnitCell: Hanging Balls

UnitCell_hangFilling bens balls with foam had not really worked out. Partly because of the difficulty filling them and also because they seem to not to set (possibly because their was not enough air for it to react/ harden in). Also by (Wednesday) the foam seemed to have started to react to he plastic/ rubber that the balls were made of. They make great crazy footballs, but their not going to work as a solid ball of foam in him sculpture/sound experiment. After returning from the University Lab, where i had been working with Mike, i came back to find a frustrated Prof. Ben Whitaker. Well maybe not frustrated, but a bit board. He had spent most of the day stringing balls together so that they could be hung in a repeat pattern. Spent a couple of hours stringing these balls together while talking to Dave Lynch and Richard England and Tom Beesley.


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