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lofieye uses historic photographic processes of photograms, solargrams and anthotypes to create quiet, thoughtful work in a contemporary context. Working with cameraless processes, imposes a gentle pace and ensures careful choices are made, culminating in unique, delicate images.


Using local plant life to make anthotypes and discarded objects to create photograms, new maps will be made of the area around the ASMbly building. These maps will create a permanent record of the transitory period of ASMbly.




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Are you an Artist, Scientist, Technologist/ Maker or Other?


Summarise what areas of Science/ Technology/ Art are you looking to explore?

Cameraless photography; using anthotypes (photosensitive emulsions made of plant life) and chemigrams. Mapping areas using found objects. Using found plant life to make photographic emulsions and print images.

Your Team


Why do you want to take part ASMbly Lab?

To develop and extend my research and practice into cameraless alternative photography processes, namely:
-anthotypes, photosensitive emulsions made of plant life
-photograms, unique images made placing objects in contact with photosensitive paper -chemigrams, using a range of material to disrupt and alter the chemistry of photographic paper

During ASMbly I will make images made with local plant life and use these to map the area around the ASMbly building. I am interested in recording the time spent in the area, the objects and plant life which are found and use these to create new maps as a permanent record of a transitory period.

I am interested in meeting other makers/artists/scientists, particularly in chemistry and biology fields to refine and develop the ways that these records are made.

Is this a new/ existing project, artwork or piece of research?

Ongoing piece of work developed from Blackshed7 Collective, exhibited in Hebden Bridge 2016

Are you looking for collaborators?

chemistry and chemical lab knowledge, knowledge of extraction and identification of pollutants in found plants.

Skill Sharing

Chemigram and photogram making, photography.

Where are you based?



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