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Become a Brain Surgeon for Toys with @ShrimpingIt’s ‘Cockle’ Internet of Things platform.

This experimental workshop transplants a new ‘Internet of Things’ brain into an existing electronic toy. Workshops will be structured around mixed teams of designers, consumers and technologists, with each team designing for a single toy.

We will select and supply 4-8 mainstream electronic toys having built-in inputs (like buttons, switches or sensors) and outputs (like lights, motors, sound), and work with teams to redesign the behaviour of the toy using @ShrimpingIt’s ‘Cockle’ Internet of Things platform as the brain transplant. These will be combined with additional hardware as necessary (e.g. an MP3 player module for sound control, PISO shift registers, opto-isolators for detecting inputs, darlington and mosfet arrays for controlling outputs).

This workshop is part of Playful Anywhere’s ongoing research to develop family friendly workshops for the Toybox project

This is more involved and open-ended than the complementary @ShrimpingIt ‘Rainbow Badges’ workshop which can prepare novices to participate. Attending the “Rainbow Badges” workshop establishes the core programming and wiring skills in a controlled environment, preparing novices who want to join this workshop.  – Join the badge making workshop HERE


DATES: Thur 27th July 2017 – 10:30 & 14:30 (2 Sessions)

LENGTH: 2.5 Hours





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