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Decode secret messages and program Minecraft using PatternCraft punchcards and Micro:bits

PatternCraft is a tool for exploring the fundamentals of encoding and decoding data through the write-once medium of a physical punchcard. In this workshop participants will learn how to program Minecraft using a set of punchcard commands and will be introduced to a number of ways that data can be encoded including binary and morse code. Using PatternCraft and Micro:bits participants will work in teams to decode secret messages, solve puzzles and generate codes to program their way through a Minecraft World.

This workshop is part of Playful Anywhere’s ongoing research to develop family friendly workshops for the Toybox project.



Gemma May Latham is a participatory artist who embraces the use of accessible and non-intimidating materials in the development of innovative activities that combine both analogue and digital in the production of co-creative outcomes.

With a Masters in Design from Manchester School of Art, Gemma has been working as a freelance artist since 2011. In this time she has developed participatory installations and activities for organisations such as the Whitworth Art Gallery and has extensive experience of working with children, young people and adults alike.

Gemma has been using Minecraft as a tool for public engagement since 2014, running a range of workshops for young people, many of which explore the use of coding and physical computing to interact with the block based game. PatternCraft as a project is a direct development of Gemma’s interest in textile, coding and participation.

DATES: Fri 28 July – 14:00 – Sat 29th July 10:30

AGE: Suitable for 7+


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T: @gemmamaylatham @PatternCraftUK


INSTAGRAM : @gemmamaylatham @PatternCraft


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