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ASMbly Invis Sculpt

Invisible sculptures: We have the technique, but what to do now?

It was pretty clear to me that Mike and I had worked out how to do the  invisible sculptures and that it now need refinement and to be applied. Luckily Dr. Claire Jones, Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (where i have been volunteering because of in order to get to spend time with their great collection), at the University of Leeds. I showed her and Mark Steadman (from Centre for History and Philosophy of Science)

Crookes-hand-x-rayThe idea for the the invisible sculptures came from a commission for night light from The Stanley and Aubrey Burton Gallery. As both the Museum of HSTM and the Gallery are based in the University, they are working together to make a light night event that celebrates the Bragg Centenary. Because of this I had met with Claire  the week before to have a chat about what Light NIght, what we could do and what forms or objects might tie in with the Museums planned activities. We had decided that a cast of a hand would be good, as a reference to the first X rays images having been of peoples hands. Also crystals and possibly shell. At this point however we had not got much further than that.

After showing Claire the results we had had so far i asked if it might be possible for me to borrow a model of a skeletons hand so that i could cast it. She agreed, but we ended up talking with Mark about what might be able to be cast from the collection. It turned out Mark is a Keen caster (i have used a rubber finger he cast to demonstrate amputations at the Museum)  and would be up for looking through the collection to find some good usable samples and sharing some casting tips. Really looking forward to getting stuck into making these now that the concept has been proved possible. JUst need to wait for more resin and metals to arrive.





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