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Superposition #004 – Textiles, bodging and mystery science


Packhorse Event #004

Following on from the success of the ASMbly Lab, The Superposition are returning to our roots and hosting our first Evening Event of 2014 at the Pack Horse Pub. These evenings centre around invited speakers each from discipline sharing research, ideas and best practice alongside an open floor for everyone to ask questions, seek collaborators and share knowledge and skills.

Textile and Mixed Media Artist, Sheri Sherelene will discuss how her Caribbean origins and interest in the Garifuna and Pre-Columbian cultures have greatly influenced her work and ideas. Most of her work stems from an attempt to give voice to her own cultural heritage as a West Indian and more specifically as a Vincentian living and practicing in Britain. Sherelene will also explain how the colours, shapes and patterns inherent in the natural world continually influence and impact her work.

Artist/ Maker Tom Beasley who is concerned with the notions of the functional art object, the ad-hoc development of tools from everyday or waste materials will be discussing Urban Bodger. This functional artwork was developed over the week of ASMbly Lab. Tom will discuss his ASMbly experience and tell the story of how, starting with only a small bag of tools, he managed to construct a wood turning lathe.

These will be followed by short videos, discussion, drinks and a mystery speaker!


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