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The next Superposition Pack Horse evening of talks, thought experiments and curiosities will take place at 6.00pm on Wednesday 11th May 2016.

Andy Wilson on BioLeeds collaborations.

Andrew Wilson is part of two ongoing art/science/maker collaborations in Leeds, Archibio with Paul Beales, Lars Jeuken, Jo Leng and Paola Zanotto which looks at materials and construction from the nano to the civic scale, and Textile Proteins with Lorna Dougan, Rhiannon Gregory and Paul Turner which explores pattern in proteins and textile design and production. Both Archibio and Textile Proteins have their roots in the first ASMbly lab 3 years ago, and this talk will cover the long-term process of facilitating collaborations. Andrew has been doing arts and technology projects for 15 years, and has been involved in Superposition since the first discussion. He remembers what it was going to be called before “Superposition”.

Gemma May Latham has discovered the power of minecraft!

Gemma is a participatory artist using both analogue and digital tools, to engage audiences. Often working with museums and galleries, Gemma explores heritage and archives, interpreting them in accessible forms. In the last 2 years, Gemma has discovered the power of Minecraft (a sandbox game often described as digital Lego) for capturing the imagination of younger audiences and engaging them with concepts and techniques, often within a historical context. During her talk at Superposition, Gemma will discuss 3 such projects that demonstrate the use of Minecraft to translate biometric data, textile heritage and recreate historical events.

Priya Subramanian is Infected with the nonlinear dynamics bug!

Priya is from Chennai and was christened as an Aerospace Engineer in her baccalaureate before continuing onto a PhD looking at the thermoacoustic interaction of premixed flame with sound. Infected with the nonlinear dynamics bug, she then moved on to looking at invariant solutions of fluid flows and patterns that are formed in fluid flows subject to buoyancy and shear forces. Currently she is enjoying working in the area of quasicrystalline patterns while trying to figure out more about the mathematics behind patterns. On the day she will give a small walkthrough about the whole zoo of interesting patterns that we observe in the ILC system.




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