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Zoop Mk2

Nimbus Developments


Laser Projector Mk 2 – Laser Zoopraxniscope. AKA The Bird [after the late Brian Bird 1955 – 2012]

Zoop Mk2 side

The analogue experiments are under way with the construction of a laser zoopraxiscope,  a 16mm projector based on a projection system from the 1800s by Edweard Muybridge repurposed with a LASER light source. The image and prototypes are being developed through conversations and collaborations with cultural specialist Dr. Vlad Strukov, the lovely people Oomlout, Prof. Ben Whitaker & Dr. Mike Nix of Leeds University School of Chemistry.  Upon proof of concept and final risk assessment, I will release the designs open source upon completion of the first cloud projections planned for early 2013.


Screen shot 2012-08-19 at 13.13.33


Specifically designed for mobile projection on clouds from:

  1. The ground – shoulder mounted for steady shot/ portable for quick get away/ can pack up small – stick can form walking stick for travelling light – could be modified to work from a crutch!
  2. A paraglider – light/ small power source/ would need to be waist mounted.
  3. Planes / Helicopters / Balloons / Blimps –
  4. Made from no specialist parts!

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