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Ghost Peloton

Ghost Peloton

52e7cf3c28d7b-Colour shift Peloton jj with streams of light

A bit of local art with light that we liked so thought we should promote. Ghost Peloton is a highly ambitious collaboration between NVA and Leeds based Phoenix Dance Theatre, in partnership with the national cycling advocacy charity, Sustrans. It is one of the main commissions for the Yorkshire Festival 2014, marking the build-up to the Grand Départ, with the opening two stages of the Tour de France coming to British shores this summer. Together, they will produce a new film and live performance bringing together dancers, a peloton of stunningly illuminated cyclists and iconic locations drawn from the Tour de France route through Yorkshire.

Ghost Peloton live performances will take place at Waides Yard in central Leeds on 16 and 17 May and tickets are now available. Find out more


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