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The Superpostion Bookwork


The Superposition & others

Superposition members and invited guests have been asked to submit essays about critical doing, making and thinking about the roles of The Superposition.  We would like the essays to be critical of the processes we go through and should reflect the realities of collective working in a collaborative spirit.

These broadly cover:

  • Cross-disciplinary practice,
  • Collaborative projects,
  • Methodologies and reflections which have arisen over the last 4 years of activity.

There are 3-word counts available:

  •  250 – Simple project exploration
  • 450 – Complex project exploration
  • 900 – In-depth exploration.

 Essays will be reviewed by a panel consisting of :

Dr. Lorna Dougan, John O’Shea, Dr. Kat Austen (TBC), Clare Martynski (TBC), Mary Schlichte, Lawrence Molloy & Dave Lynch

The panel will review the essays to pull out themes which will reflect the ups, downs and all the in-betweens of collective working.  In addition, keywords for the glossary will be extracted, which will then be given definitions from each of the 3 disciplines.

Please note, all the content submitted will be reviewed and a selection of essays will be published in the book and on this website. The panel may ask for an edited version of the essay with a lower word count.

The current structure of the book looks as follows :

1. Superposition dictionary definition

2. Introduction by John O’Shea

3. History including – Evenings/ The ASMbly Experiment/ Maker Context.

7. Superposition Essays

8. ASMBly 2017 – photo Essay and accompanying text.

9. Timeline – Milestones / people  (TBC)

10. Project Essays

11. Glossary of Terms

12. Links / References / thanks

We are open to any suggestions for other elements to include in the book. Please email with any ideas.

We plan to publish the book in the summer of 2018


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