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Superposition Art, Science, Maker Commission 2016


Paul Beales, University of Leeds | Barbara Ciani, University of Sheffield, | The Superposition

You are welcome to propose a work in any form, but please bear in mind the requirements outlined below. The successful application will demonstrate that you have understood the science on your own terms, but you should think of it only as the starting point for your own process of making something. We are not looking for illustrations or teaching materials. You don’t need to have experience of collaborating with scientists before, and your previous work does not need any connection with science.

If you think this is an interesting challenge, apply with whatever you think is right.


We are open to any approach to this commission, but the following requirements will taken into account by the commissioning group.

1. The work will need to be shown or happen more than once, without any extra budget. It will need to be shown in non-arts contexts, for example at a science festival.

2. The budget needs to cover all the costs of production, including materials and artist time.

3. An interest in developing your idea through discussions with scientists.


If you would like to apply, Paul Beales and Barbara Ciani have put together an introduction to their research for people who aren’t scientists. Start by having a look through this. 

Paul, Barbara and their research groups are very open to people getting in touch to have a chat, and even visiting their labs.

In Sheffield you can contact

Christopher Marklew c.marklew [at] sheffield [dot] ac [dot] uk

Daniel E Mitchell daniel.mitchell[at] sheffield [dot] ac [dot] uk,
Sarina K Chand skchand1[at] sheffield [dot] ac [dot] uk,

Barbara Ciani b.ciani [at] sheffield [dot] ac [dot] uk

In Leeds you can contact

Andrew Booth  A.Booth [at ] leeds [dot ] ac [dot ] uk,
Paul Beales P.A.Beales [at ] leeds [dot ] ac [dot ] uk,


You can apply for the commission through CuratorSpace, and we might accept applications by email as well if you don’t have a CuratorSpace account (it’s good though, and made in Leeds, we recommend it.) Check back here for more on that.

The deadline is 5pm on Monday, 24 October.

Contact Link: wilsonandyb AT gmail Dot com


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