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How We Work

In late 2017, The Superposition developed a new structure for how the collective operates to maintain our ethos, working models, evenings and ASMbly labs which have been collectively developed since our inception in 2012.


The 12 Month Cycle

1. 4 speaker Evenings – One every quarter.

2. 4 Lunchtime collaborative meetings.

3. Annual / Biannual: An ASMbly – This could be some of the elements which make up ASMbly – exhibition / Workshops / Lab / Festival.

4. Other monthly events/ trips/ activities which are lead by The Watchers (See Below)

The Watch

This has been adapted from the society of swanderliers, who are custodians of a Swan Pedalo called Grace.

Every term, The Superposition is steered by 3 members – An Artist, Scientist and Maker.  They will act as the driving force with support from other members. 

The role of each steering member is to represent their discipline and make sure the evenings and events moving forward with equal representation.  As members can have multiple disciplines in their fields, they can only take on one of these roles with the watch. It is important that there are 3 members representing each of the disciplines. 

Every term (currently 6 months) the watch will change hands, the same people from the previous watch can continue if no other members are interested.

Under The Watch, the 3 will be responsible for the direction of Superposition including:

1. Making any decisions that arise, the aim is that with 3 people, a majority decision can always be made, if strongly opposed then a vote can be put to the wider membership.

2. Run SP speaker evenings –

 i.  One evening with support from the previous watch

 ii. Lead a second SP evening with support from other members if necessary.

 iii. Support the next watch with running an evening.

3. Respond to emails directed to The Superposition website and forwarded from other members and share with the group.

4. Maintain the website – Add new members/update event pages (training will be given in the form of PDF instructions)

5. Organising and run the mid-year meet to choose the next watch

6. Organise other meetings that arise. 


To become a member –  you need to apply via the website.

Members pay a nominal charge of £1 to £10 a month.

This is done on an honesty basis based on available funds, the member is expected to set up a direct debit – details provided.

There is no sharing of this data, all members are equal based on whatever they pay.

All funds go to give The Superposition new life and fund Events, ASMblys etc. 

Membership enables:

1. Opportunities offered directly to The Superposition Collective. 

2. Vote on the direction of the Superposition.

3. Get support from the superposition artists, scientists and science members. 

4. Use The Superposition name / SOPS on funding Applications. 

5. Have a member page on

Responsibilities of members:

Support the watchers.

Support other members.

Share projects and processes.

Respect the collaborative code.

Support the community.

The Superposition Constitution

Voting took place for the constitution at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17th January 2018   

An amended copy will be available to download soon.





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