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The Superposition is a network, process and space for artists , makers and scientists to collaborate.

The Superposition is an open collective of people who meet regularly in Leeds to collaborate, share processes, ideas and ways of working together to make work underpinned by the triad of art, science and making. People come and go and get involved as much or as little as they like, Superposition is something we do through working together.

Get in touch via facebook or twitter linked at the top of this website or join the google group here to join the conversation, find a collaborator and share links, resources, opportunities and research.

Email hello (at) Alternatively, join the mailing list for the occasional update and event news at the bottom of the site.


We are currently redesigning the site so please bear with us during this process.

‘Superposition’ is a technical term in quantum mechanics, which describes an object which can exist in more than one location/ state simultaneously.


The Superposition received funding from the Arts Council England and Leeds BID to run ASMbly Lab 2017, a series of evening events, create a bookwork and more.

See what happened at ASMbly 2017 below.

In the next few weeks, dates for the book workshops and the next Superposition Speaker events will be announced.


Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.

Albert Einstein

ASMbly 2017

(A)rt, (S)cience, (M)ake labs is our annual big event. A 12 day long pop-up art science lab with the aim of generating new artworks and prototypes in a fast, hotbed environment of cross-disciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and makers. We also have workshops, drop-in activities, an exhibition, talks and a closing event with performers working with art, science and making.

Play is the highest form of research. 

Neville V. Scarfe.


We aim to present 4 bi-monthly Superposition events over the course of a year These consist of a talk, performance or presentation by an Artist, a Scientist and a Maker followed by an open discussion.  These can cover: an area of research, an ongoing project, a proposal for a project but fundamentally share the working processes of each discipline.


We will have the 30 speaker archives up soon.



bioLeeds, a daughter project of Superposition that focuses on biology, has organised three participatory public events, including two pop-up bioLeeds market stalls in Leeds and Huddersfield markets, and a sandpit process in which artists, scientists and makers spent an afternoon in conversations to generate ideas for collaboration. This process led to a number of ongoing projects, including Archibio and Weaving Proteins which both explore the potential of translation between different disciplines to create new knowledge.


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