The Superposition is loose affiliation of Artists Scientists and Makers who share an interest in interdisciplinary research, technology, art and the use of materials and process.

‘Superposition’ is a technical term in quantum mechanics, which describes an object which can exist in more than one location/ state simultaneously. Over the last three years we have been organising an ongoing programme of events and experimental organisational structures to explore areas of crossover between the working practices of artists, scientists and makers. Can our processes, and outcomes, be art, science and making at the same time?

ASMbly Festival – Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September, at LAB , 1-2 Regent Street, Leeds LS2 7QA.

ASMbly is a new festival celebrating the process of collaboration between artists, scientists and makers.

ASMbly festival, taking place 18th – 20th September, features an exhibition of new artworks, a series of hands-on workshops, including events suitable for children and families, a programme of talks by experts in their field and live music performances that incorporate science and technology.

The city, and the wider West Yorkshire area, has one of the most active communities in the UK of artists, scientists and makers working together to create new art works and research projects. Now the local community of artists, scientists and makers are building on their success so far by launching a festival celebrating collaboration.

Booking of some workshops and events is required. Please do so via

bioLeeds-workshop-ASMbly-labProgramme Overview

18th FRIDAY | 6PM – Late | Exhibition of Art/ Science/ Make projects.

19th SATURDAY | 11AM – 8PM | Main Festival Day including talks, workshops and performance

20th SUNDAY | 12PM – 5PM | Sandpit Event for those wanting to start a new project, find collaborators or become involved in The Superposition

Main Programme

Invisible Scluptures with member of public investigatingFRIDAY 18th

Opening Event 6PM – late (with the exhibition continuing over the weekend)

An exhibition of Art/Sci/Make works, including sugar molecule sculptures, woven proteins, slime mould time lapses, match trees, a mechanical eye, invisible sculptures, laser cloud projectors, pottery, fluid kinetic sculptures, the illustrations of Miss Ethel M. Wright and much much more.



Festival Day 11- 8pm – Main festival day – A great event for families and the sci-curious

Alongside the workshops, there will be a Q and A with exhibitors Grow Bradford; the Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine will be running two on going workshops throughout the day; Grow Bradford will be teaching DIY hydroponics and Lawrence Molloy and MotHoSTM will be making cyanotype prints using a modified magic lantern.

11.45   Build a Webcam Microscope (Workshop) 

Build and take home a USB microscope, with artist and physicist Paul Turner and Joe Corcoran of Leeds Hackspace. Suitable for 8 years and over but children under 13 must be with an adult. The workshop cost includes all materials. Please bring a laptop. (BOOK HERE)


12.45   Jordan Boyle discussed bio robotics (Talk)

1.45     Live Coding for Beginners (Workshop)

Joanne Armitage makes music by writing algorithms live on her laptop. This workshop is a beginners introduction, and a chance to make some noises. Suitable for over 16s. You must bring a laptop. (BOOK HERE)

2.45     Jane Taylor discusses puppetry in theatre and a Rembrandt painting to explore the history of ideas surrounding the mind/body (Talk)

3.45     Weaving Proteins (Workshop)

Weave a piece of fabric based on the design of a microscopic protein with Leeds University biophysicist Dr Lorna Dougan and textile artist Rhiannon Gregory. Suitable for children over 6 (children under 10 need to have an adult with them). (BOOK HERE)

4.45    Locally Global (Talk)

Pavel Gudoshnikov is a translation specialist, and discusses how to do localisation in the modern world – plus why we still might be better off with humans rather than software for now.

6.15     Live coding Performance by Jo Armitage


Exhibition Open and a sandpit event 12-5pm

1.45 Sandpit Event

An intensive three-hour session to generate new project ideas and connections for collaborations between artists, scientists and makers. The sandpit process is open to anyone who wants to take part, and has already been used to initiate some of the artworks in the exhibition.


Hope to see you there ! Please check our website for useful workshop supplies you might want to bring and for possible additions and/or changes.

Book spaces on workshops at

If you would like to contribute to the exhibition or festival day please contact

And feel free to share our event with friend via e-mail or share/ invite people to attend via this event page

Get Involved?

From the start, Superposition has thought of collaboration as a triangle of artist, scientist and maker rather than in the way that it’s more usually structured as a dyad of artist and scientist. We aren’t aware of any other explorations of arts and science that include makers in this way, and we believe it’s perhaps regionally and nationally significant. and and we’d like to invite people into our conversations who can help us develop our approach. Therefore, the group is open for anyone to contribute to; involvement and collaboration are the only criteria for membership. If its interesting, possible and enough people engage with the idea it will get done. We have a saying that the process builds Superposition, the people build the projects. Only openness and engagement makes stuff happen, so feel free to join in.  Please see the About page for more information. We are in the slow process of collating our archive and updating the website so please bear with us if any links are broken or spaces unpopulated.


From 6m kinetic sculptures, laser zoopraxiscope cloud projectors, slime mould mazes, 3m diffraction sculptures, transient graffiti to invisible sculptures.  See the Projects Page we have created so far.

PR Unit-Cell-highZoop






The Superposition, so far, is made up of people with a diverse range of skills… Chemical Physicists, Medical Physicists, Geneticists, Bio-Mechanists, Neuroscientists, Hypnotists, Artists specialising in Digital Media, 3d projection mapping, sound and music, kinetic installations, Sculptors, Makers, Curators, Writers, Producers, Hackers and Technologists, PHD’s and Post Graduates. Follow this link to the People page for more information.

Want to get involved?

Please join the conversation on the google group and say hello or suggest something to add to our Inspirations page which we update at the regular pub meet ups.  Alternatively sign up for the occasional news letter on the right of this page or email us Hello [at]


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